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Clipper News! (well, news back then.)

By January 10, 2014March 29th, 2014No Comments

Clipper™ Aquatic Herbicide Registered for Immediate Application for Use on Invasive Weeds

Provides Aquatic Managers with Much-Needed New Tool for Selective Plant Management

January 4, 2014 (original posting 1+ years ago)

Clipper™ aquatic herbicide and algaecide has recently been registered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for use to combat a variety of aquatic plant infestations. Clipper™ equips pond and lake service outfits with rapid, highly effective knockdown product for use on nuisance selective weeds and plants. With a fast, effective and much-needed new tool for selective aquatic plant control and resistance management.

Unlike some systemic products (fluridone) which can take months to remediate infestation, Clipper™  is  and is the only PPO inhibitor with proven activity on both floating and submersed plants. Clipper™ provides valuable flexibility for applicators and selectively controls a range of invasive and nuisance weeds and algae. Clipper™ controls:

  1. hydrilla
  2. Eurasian watermilfoil
  3. curlyleaf pondweed
  4. cabomba
  5. duckweed
  6. watermeal and more!

This exciting new technology affords pond and lake owners the ability to take back their pond without risking random shot-in-the dark type application. Clipper plays an important role in herbicide resistance management programs. And, Clipper works rapidly followed by a fast dissipates in the water column. It does not accumulate in sediment.

Clipper™ offers reduced personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements compared to many other products, a convenient package size and a non-corrosive, dry, flowable formulation for easy mixing, transport and application.

“We have helped tens of thousands of pond owners eradicate nuisance weeds with many of those treatments including fluridone based products. Fluridone is systemic and must remain in the water column for quite a while to be effective, and can take time to show desired results.” said Don Tephart, NTB Aquatics, Inc.,  “With Clipper™, the results are night and day and flow isn’t really a major issue, especially compared to the former. It does the job right and is easy to apply. We like what Valent has done here and we plan on using it as part of our complete arsenal against invasive weeds/algae”


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