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ClipperHerbicide.com serves as your go-to portal for all things related to Clipper Herbicide, treatment applications, methods of approach and weeds and growth controlled by this excellent aquatic companion. With years of superior performance behind us, Clipper Herbicide has been shown time and time again to control unwanted weed and growth in lakes, pond, rivers, streams and all other bodies of water.

Clipper Herbicide’s exceptional properties and mode of action make it a formidable companion in your fight against growth infestation. All data on this site is for your use and up to date as of the creation of this domain. While we strive to keep this information as current and relative as possible, at times, information may become dated. It is always in your best interest to seek out the latest SDS, label and regulation information on the web.

We bring you this detailed information so that you can use Clipper Herbicide for your issues, and hopefully, resolve your troubled lake or pond conditions and start enjoying your water for a change.

Let us know how we did and contact us anytime!

Scott Moore